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The Thinking Behind Numbuko™

Numbuko™ builds upon leading research into early learning. Unlike most maths toys, Numbuko™ is about understanding how numbers work, not simply practising sums. And, most importantly, Numbuko™ offers a creative and engaging way to learn maths.

The Team Behind Numbuko™

Numbuko™ is made by PlayTalkLearn, a new company committed to developing novel and engaging digital toys that support learning. The emphasis is on using digital technology to encourage children to play, communicate, and be creative.


  • Dr Andrew Manches


    Andrew has 16 years’ experience in education, initially as a primary teacher then as an academic. Andrew was an infant teacher and now holds a prestigious Chancellor’s Fellow in the School of Education at the University of Edinburgh. He researches the role of interaction in the way children think and learn and the implications for new forms of technology.  Andrew has worked on a wide range of projects in learning technology and leads the Children and Technology course at the University. Andrew and his partner have two children aged 2 and 3. Party time starts at 5am daily.

  • Zakir Mohmed


    Zak has 20 years’ experience in the technology world. Over the last five years, Zak has successfully launched and run his own business providing technology solutions for a range of clients, with particular focus on the education sector. He has an MSc Degree and is married with two children aged 3 and 5 years.

  • Sheila Robinson

    Marketing & Business Mentor

    Sheila has worked in blue chip corporates developing business in telecommunications, energy and process control globally.  Laterally she has become a mentor for start up businesses and a market advisor in sectors such as renewables and education.  She has a BA in Business and a teaching diploma.

  • Dave Lock

    Product Designer

    Dave has over 20 years’ experience in helping companies with cutting-edge design and product development. He has a B.Eng (Hons) in Polymer Engineering and works with a highly skilled and passionate engineering team that help to find solutions to almost any challenge, big or small. He lives in Brighton with his partner and their daughter.

  • Tony Kemp

    Electronics Engineer

    Over 30 years’ experience of prototyping for manufacture, brilliant innovator for PlayTalkLearn.

What The Experts Say

  • Ruth Dower

    Director, Early Arts

    “Every child enjoys those breakthrough moments when they learn to read and learn to count. The delight of taking control of their own learning as well as seeing the faces of their loved ones light up is a huge motivator for under 5s. So it’s great to see Numbuko putting that control back into children’s hands and making the maths adventure great fun at  the same time.”